Safety is


We're committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment through the maintenance of safe work systems and continuous improvements in safety performance.

Peak Industrial Electrical considers OHS & E management to be a top priority across all of our projects. We have developed a sophisticated and reliable system for identifying, assessing and addressing any risks to the health and safety that may arise. We are adept at providing comprehensive safety documentation in a timely manner, including: 

  • Safety Management Plans 
  • Safe Work Method Statements 
  • Incident Reports 
  • Safety Training and Inductions 
  • Safety Inspection Checklists 

All Peak Industrial Electrical employees are dedicated to ensuring strict legal compliance with all relevant Acts, regulations, guidelines and standards to ensure our work is completed safely. The same is required of our subcontractors to ensure that this standard is upheld across the entirety of the works. 

Our site supervisors and leading hands are trained in conducting site-based toolbox meetings to review any incidents (or near-incidents) that occur on site and any additional training that may be required. Weekly safety inspections are conducted to ensure continued quality and reliability of our plant, equipment and PPE.